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Drop-off waiver

Please read the waiver below and fill out the required fields found in the following form sections. All liability language from the waiver will apply to all persons listed below.

Drop-Off Procedures

Prior to dropping off, please have your child use the bathroom.

 Parents must escort their child directly to the front desk and fill-out forms with necessary security information.

The playground is a shoe-free zone, so please remove shoes, hang up coats, and leave any bags by the door.

Kids must be wearing socks. Our staff will then help check-you in on the system.

To drop off and pick up your child parent(s) must present state ID and/or Driver’s License.


Pick-Up Procedures

The same parent who drops off, must pick-up unless clear, written instructions are given on who will pick-up thechild. Must provide copy of their Driver’s License. Any person picking up the child must show proof of identity by either providing a State ID and/or Driver’s License. The security information must be shared with our staffbefore releasing your child. Our staff will help check you out. A state ID will be necessary for pick-up.


Late Pick-Up Penalties

Parents must arrive by the agreed pick-up time. If parents do not arrive on time, they will be charged $1/min. If parents are 1 hour late and staff cannot contact parents, Wonderplay & Café will contact proper authorities such as the police and/or the Social Services Hotline.


What to Bring

Please note that no addition items will be needed. No outside food/beverages is allowed  If you decide to bring a tote bag with Children’s items such as change of clothes. Wonderplay & Café and staff are not responsible for any lost, stolen, and/or damaged items.

No dangerous and/or hazardous, and/or sharp items will be allowed into Wonderplay & Café.


Please keep in mind that we do not provide Snacks/Lunch, however water will be available for children.



Please do not bring in personal toys as they may become lost or broken. Wonderplay & Cafe is not responsible for any items that become misplaced, stolen or broken if they are brought to Wonderplay & Café.



Children with the following must not be brought to Wonderplay & Café:

1. Deep or bronchial cough

2. Has had a fever within the last 24 hours

3. Has been vomiting and/or has diarrhea for any reason

Wonderplay & Café reserves the right to question the health of a child and reserves the right to exclude a child from attending for health reasons. Before dropping off any children, parents must inform staff about any possible health issues.


First Aid and Medication

If the child gets sick during any time during Drop Off the child’s Parent on the form will be called, if the parent is unreachable the emergency contact will be called for immediate Pick up. While the child is waiting to be picked up, the child will be separated from the rest of public till the parent and/or emergency contact will pick them up.

Wonderplay & Café staff will not dispense and provide medication. If child(ren) require medication, Wonderplay & Cafe staff with not assistant in administering the medication.

In case of minor injuries Wonderplay & Café staff will administer basic first-aid such as but not limited to cold compressions, bandages, gauze.

Parent/Guardian will be called for any major injury, greater than a bump/scratch. For severe injuries, Wonderplay & Café staff will call paramedics as soon as possible.


If the child during the time of his drop off exhibits’ signs of bad behavior such as but not limited to biting,scratching, hitting, punching, spitting. Wonderplay & Café Staff will ask the child to stop such behavior. If the child fails to follow instruction and/or multiple incidents occur. The parent will be contacted, if the parent is unreachable the emergency contact will be called to schedule and immediate pick up. During the wait to be picked up the child(ren) will be separated for the safety of themselves and others.


Wonderplay & Cafe employees will not assist in changing diaper nor assisting kids to the restroom. We encourage parents to have a fresh diaper on the child prior to drop off and have a bathroom visit prior to check in. If the diaper is full, the parents will be notified and asked to come to attend to the child immediately.



Impaired Adult

If the designated adult picking up the child appears to be under the influence of a substance and/or alcohol,

Wonderplay & Cafe will contact the emergency contact provided on the drop off Form. If unable to reach the emergency contact, the proper authorities will be contacted.


I hereby understand and accept Wonderplay & Cafe Policy for Drop off stated above. The agreement term is indefinite.


By signing this waiver, I agree that all information is complete and accurate.